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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We're The Millers

I randomly won tickets yesterday to go see a pre-screening of We're The Millers! I got lost in the Internet on Saturday and went from researching Lion King theatre tickets to somehow learning that you don't have to pay for movie tickets in LA if you sign up for a few websites that enter you for pre-screens.

So I answered the phone yesterday and they were confirming my details for attendance at the movie last night. It was incredibly easy - I just showed up and checked in, we grabbed a quick bite and got in line for entrance. I guess it can get really crowded but we got decent seats and had very little issue.

The highlight (aside from the free movie) was the crowd-watching. We got further proof of the douche-ness that exists in LA and also the humor in the crazies. Some guy sitting in front of us just kept yelling out obscenities at the DJs hosting the event. He was later asked to move a seat over to accommodate a couple that needed seats. He moved over and an old Asian couple sat down next to him and he started chatting them up like they were BFFs! Our favorite was that he was explaining penis jokes to them during the film. I wish I could have been down there to hear exactly what was being said!

So the movie got one (Brian's) thumb up. I thought the funniest part was the Bloopers at the end!

Fun "free" night. Free if you didn't have to pay for parking in this great city!

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