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This is the story all about how our lives got flip turned upside down! We moved across the country from the suburbs of Chicago to Los Angeles. We are embracing our new life with outdoor living, healthy eating and fun adventures!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Big 3-0!

No...I'm not 30!!! I'm still a young 29 + 10 months...but my best friend turned THIRTY on Saturday! We had a fabulous celebration at the Cunningham house. I got to shoot some pre-party (OK, I was late...so during-party) shots of her beautiful baby bump that recently came out!

She's gorgeous! I'm loving watching this baby grow inside her!!!
Her party was a great time...we had some awesome food, lots of delicious marshmallow vodka, we played shut-the-box (a dice game) and we watched a baby win March Madness squares...she made it rain!
But, earlier that day, Theresa and Brandy came over and helped me decorate the birthday girls cupcakes...they turned out awesome! But let me tell you, baking and decorating is a LOT of work...I was happy to have the help!

Look at the detail! I didn't make that one...
Now the basic sprinkles is more my scene! "B" for BETSY'S 30TH!

 The other big hit of the party was a crazy candle that Bri and I found on our trip to California...we lit it and it (eventually) spit out mini fireworks, and opened up into a flower with spinning candles while singing Happy Birthday...I say it eventually did this because there was a slight delay and we all slowly got closer and closer to the candle to make sure it was working...by the time it went off we were a little too close...lots of screaming adults and crying babies ensued.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETSY! We had a great birthday weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I entered one of my recent photographs in a Facebook contest through the St. Charles Park District...and I won!!! I'm on my way people...

My first contest entry as a photographer and my first win! I would assume that since my name is listed first, I am obviously the first place winner!!! How awesome that they mispelled my name too. I will laugh at this one day when I am a common household name!

Here is my beautiful baby!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fun Weather!

In case you hadn't heard Chicago is having bizarre but awesome weather this winter. This past Wednesday we had highs in the 70's, we may have even hit over 80...nothing better to do when that happens but enjoy the great outdoors! And by that, I mean...drinking outside!

I couldn't wait to get home from work and have some beers outside...it was great! We had beer and dinner and I even got the first of the season's mosquito bites. Once it got dark, we moved the party to garage where Brian worked on his bike. It was just as fun as the old days!

Unfortunately, I stayed up way too late, Brian ended up breaking out hives from something (who knows what?) and my not so young body took a full 2-days to recover...but I will take this tempting weather over snow any day!!!

Crazy Cat Lady

A few weeks ago I bought a new camera and I am LOVING it! I've read the manual and downloaded a digital photography book but my first official class is Monday night. I've been trying to take pictures of everything to get comfortable with the camera and its settings, but it turns out I really only have one favorite subject...Ninja!

This is the first night of the camera. I bought it at Costco...so Ninja is especially happy since he got a 40lb bag of goodies today too!

He got tired of being a super model and napped on the tactical vest...his favorite spot! :)

The boys paying more attention to video games than the photographer!

This reminds of the pictures that they take of the bride on her wedding day...Ninja is a little cat bride...see how creepy I am!

I just liked this picture because it seemed monochrome and mellow! I wanted to curl up and nap...but this photographer's got work to do, am I righ?!?!

OK, this photographer had less to do than she though so I got into bed for a nap and this guy followed shortly after that...how could I not snap a few pics!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

I took this one today...in case you can't tell his face is smashed against the screen door...either he has spring fever or he's trying to escape his stalker!

Flash Back - Holiday Season 2011

The night before Thanksgiving I helped make these amazing cupcakes with Allie and Theresa...it was hard work but they turned out sooo cool!

Brian and I celebrated Turkey Day with the Cunninghams. We had a great day and the most amazing cooking and cocktails! Thanks for the invite Betsy & Pat!

For Christmas, we flew out to California and got to celebrate with my whole family - including my Mom. We had a great holiday together! Probably one of my favorites!
The day after Christmas all the kids went to Disneyland together...what a long day but such a blast! I'm so glad we got to do this together!
A few days later, Brian and I took a day trip up the California Coast to Santa Barbara...we stopped along the way for some gorgeous scenery...unfortunately the trip was a bit lame due to poor timing but hopefully we can figure out a better plan next time! We had fun together though!

Our big "star-spotting" on the trip was this football field in SB...we believe this to be site of "10 Things I Hate About You"

We had to take a snapshot in their honor!


We only had a little time to recover from our trip before Brian donned the kilt to ring in 2012! We had a fantastic NYE with the Trimarcos at a Hilton party...CHEERS!

Flash Back - Tough Mudder

OK...happy lazy Saturday. I'm updating the blog with the happenings over the past several months (oops!). Last summer Brian got it in his head to put together a team to run/race the Touch Mudder Event...he somehow pulled it off and trained his ass off! On November 21, 2010, we trucked it to Indiana for a FUN weekend of birthdays, beer and boys covered in mud...it was awesome! :)

We celebrated a belated 30th birthday for Nate the night before the race.

We all crammed into the hotel room while the boys prepared their stuff the night before the race. Everyone was VERY nervous!

Spoiler Alert! This is one of the last pre-pregnancy beers that Sadie enjoyed (not pictured is Betsy with HER last beer too!)

Brian's before shot...nice, clean and warm!

This is what Brian likes to do at any event...find Betsy for a picture because they always turn out great...here's another shot of the beautiful people!

Believe it or not, this is still pretty early in the race...they've run the steepest hills I've ever seen, crawled through mud beneat barbed wire, jumped into a dumpster of ice water and they are about to jump 10 foot walls!

This is right after what the boys declared the hardest part of the race...Brian was beat and Nate was delusional!

They are so close to the finish line! They teamed up and EVERYONE made it over this half wall...it was great to watch!

Don't worry, once you get through this mud you have to run through the electricity charged wires!

And he finished!!!

The winning team! It's important to note that their hands were shaking so badly that they probably only drank half of those beers...but they drank those beers!