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Thursday, September 22, 2011

What a waste!!!

Yesterday was (supposed to be) my LAST blood clot checkup…I had to make the appointment for 30-days post warfarin completion so that they could do a blood draw that was clean and drug-free to test all of my levels. I took a half day since the only appointment I could get was at 2:40 in the afternoon. I was annoyed that I had to waste a half day off work to go to the doctor, but work was really starting act like an a-hole so I was happy to bolt!

Bri took me to the doctor – which was good – because since my last appointment sometime in the winter, they had completely changed locations! We got to a brand new, gorgeous building so that was nice and got in right away to the doctor. Well, the doctor seemed to have no clue why I was even there! She read my chart (out loud) for a while and then I tried to fill in the gaps, to guide her to the answer of – why was I even here??? Well, she came to no conclusion, but I guess felt like she needed to do something, so I laid on the table and she felt around for a minute or so, told me I looked like I had lost some weight, asked questions about the wedding and we were off!

The very next day I get a call explaining that since my name changed she didn’t get to thoroughly review my info before my appointment and it turns out that I DO need blood drawn!!! UGH! So…there goes the “final” appointment. I luckily just need to hop over to the lab right by our house to get blood drawn. It should take a few days to get the results and (fingers crossed) my risks are low and I will not need more drugs!!!

The only thing worse than going to the doctor is going to Buy Buy Baby with your husband. We’re virgins to this store and if you haven’t been – consider yourself LUCKY! We jumped over there after the appointment yesterday to pick up a shower gift and it was alarming just how much of everything baby there is out there.

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