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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nashville Weekend!

Bri and I took off to the south this weekend for a long break visiting my mama in Nashville! We were able to find some super cheap tickets after contemplating a drive down there. I’m glad we flew so we could make the best use of our time during our visit, but the thing about cheap tickets is that they usually have you booked at more inconvenient times…so we were rising and shining at 4 AM on Saturday! Sometimes that’s our bedtime on weekends, so it was a bit hard to get up and moving, but we managed. The good thing was that we got to Nashville before 9am…Mom met us at the airport and we headed home to see her “new to me” house.

Unfortunately, on before we could get there, we noticed some smoke coming from under the hood…we got her home though and Bri was able to look under the hood. Looks like we had a radiator leak and a bunch of steam spewing out of it. We cooled the car down and got to the auto store for some JB Weld to seal it. Mom was grateful that Brian was there to help out since he is a master at handling this kind of stuff! Brian…our hero!!!

After he saved the day, us ladies took him to Johnson & Murphy where the fabulous saleswoman, Wendy took extra good care of him…he must have tried on every shoe in the place! We took advantage of mom’s 50% off discount and let Bri shop ‘til he dropped! We were a bit nervous about getting all of these goodies on the plane home…

We got home so mom could get ready for a wedding and Brian and I got ready for a night on the town! We dropped her off and headed to downtown Nashville. I was determined to find a rockin’ pair of cowboy boots – especially after Brian outdid me in the shoe department earlier in the day (I can be quite competitive and if he gets shoes than I get shoes!!!). Of course after making our way to the good boot stores I couldn’t find any boots in my pre-set price range and Mr. Shopper finds his pair in seriously less than 5 minutes!!! OMG! I was so frustrated…so we left boot-less and ate some Country BBQ Ribs! That was good!

We bar hopped a bit and finally found a bar to our liking with some live country tunes. We sat at the bar and noticed a mason jar of alcohol. Something called Popcorn Sutton’s Tennessee White Whiskey that we of course had to try! It was kind of gross, but also kinda good! We looked up the website while we were sitting there and now are afraid that this guy actually bottled the stuff we drank!

That’s day 1 of our trip! More to come later on even more fun that was had!

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