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This is the story all about how our lives got flip turned upside down! We moved across the country from the suburbs of Chicago to Los Angeles. We are embracing our new life with outdoor living, healthy eating and fun adventures!

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Monday, October 10, 2011


This weekend was a whole weekend celebration devoted to our friend Anthony. Unbeknownst to him, his wife Theresa had planned a surprise golden birthday party for him on Saturday night. As a result, Ant decided to throw another little party on Friday night at his house with a few of the same guests!

The Friday part was a Wii Tennis Tournament. I must admit that I was bit skeptical going into it about how fun it would be. Much to my surprise it was AWESOME! It was so much fun that we all want to make it a regular occurrence. As Brian likes to remind me though, I am soft (as in not much muscle going on here)…so although it was a great time, I am seriously still sore! My entire left arm feels like I flexed for 5 hours straight – which may be what actually happened. I have to give props to the winning team – Brian & Betsy! I’d also like to give props to the other (much better looking) final team in the playoffs – Lauren & Pat! Both teams did walk away with prizes – the Siedors had a new golf scope (that I’m sure will be used at the (gun) range) and the Cunninghams had a mini marshmallow gun. I’m sure both will be put to good use soon!

Saturday, while everyone recovered, Theresa began the surprise setup. We all got the bar along with a lot of Ant & T’s family where we definitely got Anthony! It was a lot of fun – Theresa even setup a slideshow of lots of pictures of Baby Anthony which were hilarious! We loved seeing his parents rocking their 80’s style!

Speaking of rockin’ style – there were quite a few matching outfits on Saturday proving how stylin’ we all are! Charlie, Anthony and Pat had on the same outfit…then Ally and I had almost the same shirt on (the real life color looked way more identical)!

We wrapped up the weekend with a lazy Sunday for me and an amazing one for Bri! He did a great job on the tests for a job he is going for.

Unfortunately Monday started out with some car problems that are slowing life down a bit…wish us luck!

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