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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

College Girls - 2012

Last weekend us college girls got together again for our annual weekend! We had a blast! Aside from the speeding ticket on our way down - things were PERFECT! We had a fantastic day to sit outside, drink beers (or vodka + water if you are wierd) and get coaching on intro to parenting 101!

Jackie had me up EARLY - we left around 7:00 AM! It paid off because we got there early enough to play before Carson even got up from his nap. We got to see Logan and Kayden together again and they were ready to play!!!

These boys loved hockey! It looks like Jackie did too!
Logan got photo bombed! That's my lovely foot - I guess I thought I was funny after a few Apple Smirnoff Ice's!

Kayden liked me better than Nichole so she had to bribe him with kid-friendly cheetos!

Did someone forget to tell Logan that there are NO popsicles in the garage?!?! Don't let mama see!

It felt like ages, but Carson FINALLY got up from his nap...and we managed to get some playtime in before his next one! That boy eats and sleeps like a true champ!

It was so great getting together with everyone again - and I love that I get to see their kids! We all have so much fun together still! The only difference is that we get WAY less drunk and got to bed a lot earlier!

We were all buzzed and tired...the boys were dirty though which means BATH TIME! I did say it was intro to parenting, right? I learned a lot...like a bathtub full of 3 boys is fun and also envokes some tears!

I can't believe we only do this once a year...I don't think they will all fit in the tub together in a year! Thanks for a great weekend!!!

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