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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Update: Book Club Party

Many moons ago, I hosted an elaborate book club party for my girls! We meet monthly to begin with, but after we hadn't been reading or meeting in a while, I booked a Lia Sophia party and spent hours on Pinterest to host a party to get everyone back together! I think it was a total success!

I turned an old book into a welcome sign...this greeted you as yoou walked in...along with me and some drinks!

I covered a picture frame we already hanging up with old book pages to show where the DRINKS would be!
I made champagne cocktails by pouring champagne over fruit popscicles! There were some pregos so I had a water bar - ice water + mint, lemons, watermelon or strawberries. I prepped all the foot the night before I made these book themed food markers. The drinks and food were a hit!
 As noted above, the water bar was setup for my pregnant girlfriends. I had planned a lot of this party with Sadie in mind since I know how much she appreciates a good theme and effort...she just happened to go into labor early that morning and missed the whole thing! But, we got a sweet little baby girl so I think it's worth it!

Speaking of babies...my godson also made an appearance! Bradley's first book club!

I loved every minute of planning and executing this event...cheers to the next one! I'm already planning the Book Club Christmas Party!

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