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Thursday, July 28, 2011


So, for those of you who do not already know, last year I became hopelessly addicted to Big Brother (BB) on CBS. The show takes quite a commitment as it airs 3 times per week! Thank goodness for the DVR because we tend to keep a busy schedule and without it I’d be lost. After I went to book club (more on that tomorrow!) and Brian hung out with the husbands, we got home around midnight, prepped for bed and put on BB.

It was about 12:30AM when the storms started. I was about 10 minutes into my show when we lost power. Subsequent moan of displeasure. Luckily, that only lasted for about 1 minute before we were back up and running. Turn on the cable, back to the DVR for the show…great! It started from the beginning….fast forward…sink into happy mode to watch psycho reality “stars” when we have the next round of interruption. “Babe, pause it. Look at this funny picture from Comic Con.” Yep, Bri, that’s a good one! Unpause. “Babe, pause it, one more thing. Read this article about the fall of Rome.” Nope, not happening, send me an email with it. Play. Ah, happy time.

Ten minutes later, power is out again. UGH! About a minute or so later, power was back on! Turn on the cable, back to the DVR…fast forward…happy times. Cue Brian. “We never talk anymore, remember when we used to talk?” Ah marriage! BRI, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP TALKING. I WANT TO SIT HERE AND WATCH MY SHOW. DON’T TALK, DON’T TOUCH ME, JUST DO SOMETHING ON YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE NEXT HALF HOUR THAT DOESN’T INVOLVE ME!

Ok, deep breaths, just get back into your show. Doing good, this is funny, I’m getting sucked back in…POWER IS OUT AGAIN, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? This seems like a good time for Bri to chime back in… “You know that the definition of an alcoholic is someone who continues to consume alcohol without regard for the negative impact it has on their life.” No, I didn’t know that…what are you trying to say here???

Power is back on. Back to the DVR…fast forward…finally…finish watching at 1:30am. Considering that I am exhausted today but can’t stop chatting about BB with my coworkers and throw myself back into it tonight, I guess that makes me a full-blown Big Brother-aholic! Somebody get me some rehab!


Timbo said...

Rehab. Is it too soon for an Amy Winehouse joke?

Timbo said...

One more thing. Can you please post that picture from Comic Con?

Kris said...

Can Brian send me the article about rome?!


Lauren said...

Kristin - I will email it to you tomorrow! Don't get too excited, it's a little one-sided in my opinion.

Lauren said...

Thanks for commenting!

Brian said...

Not sure how I feel about you posting things I say online.

Pics for Tim:

Kid got lost and was panicked until he saw two superheroes that he recognized and asked them for help-


This one is just awesome-


Good luck with this Lo!

Sadie said...

Oh Brian....we all love you!!!

Miss Erickson said...

OH, Lo, you remember the magic words to get Brian to shut up- "Brian, you look so attractive today." ;)