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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Flugtag - September 8, 2012

If you don't know what Flugtag is, it's a Red Bull Event where people make crazy flying contraptions that they launch off of a huge ramp into Lake Michigan...or whatever body of water exists at the event. Well, it was on a Bucket List for Betsy and something that a group of us had always wanted to see...and it was in Chicago this year and we decided to go!

After an EARLY train ride into the city...we made it to the beach where Flugtag was to take place....only to see a gian sign flashing "REDBULL EVENT CANCELLED." We just couldn't believe it...this had to be a joke! Nope...due to marine conditions (swells) they cancelled the whole thing.

We got to see the ramp...and some flying machines...only to find out that they were all being destroyed.

It was incredibly dissapointing!!! After standing around and debating next steps, we thought the best thing to do would be to cross something else off of Betsy's bucket list and go on a bar crawl!
It was a beautiful day - aside from the poor marine conditions. We walked along the beach and saw the swells they were talking about. Betsy and I put our toes in the sand and lake...Brian stayed on land - didn't wnat to get sand in his shoes! We finally made it to Bar 1 - Oak Street Beach...where we paid about $7.50 for a beer...but it was cold and it was good!

The picture didn't really turn out...but when you sat at the bar, you felt like you were at an exotic beach. The lake looked like the ocean and all you could see was blue water and sand...and then when you turned around, right behind you was this:

The crazy blend of nature and city!
We finished our beers and walked the rest of the way to Navy Pier. We grabbed some chicken gyros and parked it outside for a quick lunch break. We got to witness a very public fight between two black women arguing about how one of them didn't know the other...it was great "dinner theatre." We also saw this cute dog who just didn't want anymore sun!

So, as I mentioned before, we decided to cross something else off of Betsy's bucket list...apparently she wanted to ride the Water Taxi! I know, sometimes it's the little things. How we can have Flugtag and Water Taxi together on the same list I can't tell you! In addition, she added a drink at the Trump Tower to the list...so we bought tickets to take the Water Taxi to the Trump Tower!

Turns out waiting for the Water Taxi takes longer than walking to the Trump!

We had more than enough time for some commemorative photo shoots!
The nice thing about both the Water Taxi and the Trump Tower was getting some great shots of buildings from a new perspective...tons of pics ensued!

We ended up meeting up with Will at the Trump Terrace for cocktails. Turns out those $7.50 beers were a bargain in this town!!! I guess they factor the Terrace views into your drink prices...at $18 for ONE glass of wine, I sure tried to appreciate that view!!! Betsy and I savored every sip...Brian even joined in on the fun with a $15 beer...I've never seen him drink that slow before!

We wrapped up our fun filled day with one more drink with Will before hitting the train home. We all were a bit sunburned, tired, and poorer! But Betsy got to cross off 2-1/2 things from her Bucket List (come on, an attempt at Flutag has to count for something) and we had a fantastic day in the city!

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