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This is the story all about how our lives got flip turned upside down! We moved across the country from the suburbs of Chicago to Los Angeles. We are embracing our new life with outdoor living, healthy eating and fun adventures!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

La Costa Lotta Money

La Costa Resort – home to multiple luxurious swimming pools, a world class spa, golf courses and the Lady Malleys for a long weekend! Mom spent a week at this resort in San Diego for a business trip and decided to extend the stay and invite her daughters down for a weekend! It was amazing!!!  

Kristin and I drove there on Thursday to crash in her free hotel suite! Mom had to run out for a work dinner and while we suited up (AKA bathing suits) room service dropped by with a platter of chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of wine – welcoming Kathy’s daughters to the resort! Nice touch! We pooled it up and the following day spent our time at their spa…and that’s where the cost-alotta-money part comes in! I guess for an entire days’ worth of relaxing and a glorious treatment it wasn’t THAT bad! I felt amazing afterwards!  

We took a walking tour of the resort when we arrived. Look at how green and blue everything was!

We returned to LA late Saturday and I cooked up some dinner for the ladies. The next morning we had brunch and a trip to Home Depot where mom bought us a house-warming gift: lots of plants for our patio! She and Kristin helped me organize, layout and plant everything! So far I am loving it! I was even able to use basil for a recipe this week of homemade pesto; and the cilantro in fresh salads!

Here is the edible portion of the garden: tomato, basil, rosemary, cilantro, oregano, thyme
The vine plant I hope will grow to the point where we can have it winding and growing around our trellis. My tomato plant has already grown so much in the short time! The plants make a huge difference for our patio to feel more like a yard and homey – thanks M-O-M!

 If you're wondering where Bri was during all this lady-time, he was on a man-trip in TX with Anthony where they ended up on a hog hunt. I think I was the big winner - I would take a spa trip over TX heat any day!

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