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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Recycled Design

As you heard, we finally cleaned the garage out over the weekend. While removing as much as possible to make room for MY car we got rid of an old desk in the corner of our garage. Hanging over it was a garage sale find from over a year ago - a black cabinet with some hooks. I think it was $8 when I picked it up and didn't really know what to do with it at the time. After we took it off the garage wall, I had an epiphany! Why not hang it in the bathroom...it was also kind of a duh moment since that is where most people would have probably hung it in the first place!

Our master bath is a decent size, but whoever re-designed it to sell didn't know what to do with all the wall space so they just covered it in towel rods...seriously, they are oddly placed and just don't get used. The bathroom was also blessed with high ceilings - which you sometimes forget to notice because you are so busy staring at empty towel rods...

SO...Bri and I took our recycled garage crap and made it beautiful again in another room. We also finally hung a mirror that was a shower gift...and some towels from the wedding! The end result is a HUGE improvement and we love it! 

Please ignore the heap of mismatched towels to the right!

In other news...BEARS WIN!

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