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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dryer Woes - Final Update!

OK! So...the last you heard we were limiting laundry to smaller loads to avoid stressing the dryer out. We were making some calls to get quotes on having the vents professionally cleaned and also trying to work with our Home Owner's Association to try and get a group rate together. Well, that wasn't working...the HOA was too slow and the pros were WAY too expensive - we're talking around $200! Considering we got the washer/dryer set on a super sale and already paid $80 to get the thing looked at...that was way out of our league!

Cue Brian's new plan.

Bri ran to Home Depot yesterday and picked up a $40 solution - a 2-Speed Leaf Blower! This baby had a quiet setting and a SUPER setting!

We (he) took the vent apart (again) and sent me outside in the rain...I flashed a light up at the roof while he SUPER setting blew the vent. All I could see from outside (in the rain) were some leaves blowing around the roof...every time the blower was on...which I soon realized was not leaves blowing around the roof...but tons of dryer lint exploding out of the vent! I blame the rain...did I mention I was outside in the rain???

We did a regular sized load last night and put it in the dryer...watched an episode of the Walking Dead...and duh du du duh! DRY CLOTHES! Mission Accomplished...please kick me if I ever post about a dryer again!!! Let the laundry circus begin!

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