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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dance Off

I would like to address the lack of content and ample discussion of food in this blog that I have been acused of by my younger siblings. Today, I will only slightly discuss food...and do a lot of dance-off discussion.

On a typical work day, I like to escape the confines of my small prison (AKA cubicle) and head to my favorite location - the golf course across the street from Madden. I like to take that time to bitch and moan about the suck of work which just leads to more and more negative thoughts upon returning to work. This week, my lovely friend Brandy and I have decided to stop that non-sense and start dancing off! We turn on the most popular Kesha or LMFAO (or whatever Red Fu's band is called) as loud as possible and rap / dance our way to lunch...we have found this to create a GREAT mood both before, during and after lunch.

I did try to do this on my way to work and found that the results are not typical. I'm not sure if it's the fresh air after breathing in the waste of my building or the fact that I have Brandy by my side...or any combination of those things...but the lunch dance-off is a huge win!

Many of you may be surprised (or may not be surprised) to find that this is not my first experience with a dance off. Bri and I did at one point find ourselves drunk on a Friday afternoon dancing off with our neighbors who had just been dropped off by their bus driver after school. But that was long ago.

I think that my sober, positive-mood-inducing dance offs are probably the better choice over weird, drunk neighbor ones. I just wish that I could find a similar mood-lifter for the mornings. I could copy my friend who thinks that she sounds like Taylor Swift...just sing along to the radio while recording your voice on your phone to play back later! Now that's entertainment...

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B-Luv said...

Who would be stupid enough to think they sound like Taylor Swift??? - lulz -