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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flash Back - Tough Mudder

OK...happy lazy Saturday. I'm updating the blog with the happenings over the past several months (oops!). Last summer Brian got it in his head to put together a team to run/race the Touch Mudder Event...he somehow pulled it off and trained his ass off! On November 21, 2010, we trucked it to Indiana for a FUN weekend of birthdays, beer and boys covered in mud...it was awesome! :)

We celebrated a belated 30th birthday for Nate the night before the race.

We all crammed into the hotel room while the boys prepared their stuff the night before the race. Everyone was VERY nervous!

Spoiler Alert! This is one of the last pre-pregnancy beers that Sadie enjoyed (not pictured is Betsy with HER last beer too!)

Brian's before shot...nice, clean and warm!

This is what Brian likes to do at any event...find Betsy for a picture because they always turn out great...here's another shot of the beautiful people!

Believe it or not, this is still pretty early in the race...they've run the steepest hills I've ever seen, crawled through mud beneat barbed wire, jumped into a dumpster of ice water and they are about to jump 10 foot walls!

This is right after what the boys declared the hardest part of the race...Brian was beat and Nate was delusional!

They are so close to the finish line! They teamed up and EVERYONE made it over this half wall...it was great to watch!

Don't worry, once you get through this mud you have to run through the electricity charged wires!

And he finished!!!

The winning team! It's important to note that their hands were shaking so badly that they probably only drank half of those beers...but they drank those beers!

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