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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Big 3-0!

No...I'm not 30!!! I'm still a young 29 + 10 months...but my best friend turned THIRTY on Saturday! We had a fabulous celebration at the Cunningham house. I got to shoot some pre-party (OK, I was late...so during-party) shots of her beautiful baby bump that recently came out!

She's gorgeous! I'm loving watching this baby grow inside her!!!
Her party was a great time...we had some awesome food, lots of delicious marshmallow vodka, we played shut-the-box (a dice game) and we watched a baby win March Madness squares...she made it rain!
But, earlier that day, Theresa and Brandy came over and helped me decorate the birthday girls cupcakes...they turned out awesome! But let me tell you, baking and decorating is a LOT of work...I was happy to have the help!

Look at the detail! I didn't make that one...
Now the basic sprinkles is more my scene! "B" for BETSY'S 30TH!

 The other big hit of the party was a crazy candle that Bri and I found on our trip to California...we lit it and it (eventually) spit out mini fireworks, and opened up into a flower with spinning candles while singing Happy Birthday...I say it eventually did this because there was a slight delay and we all slowly got closer and closer to the candle to make sure it was working...by the time it went off we were a little too close...lots of screaming adults and crying babies ensued.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETSY! We had a great birthday weekend!

1 comment:

Sadie said...

Bets look sooo good (and so do you!) Love the pics!