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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady

A few weeks ago I bought a new camera and I am LOVING it! I've read the manual and downloaded a digital photography book but my first official class is Monday night. I've been trying to take pictures of everything to get comfortable with the camera and its settings, but it turns out I really only have one favorite subject...Ninja!

This is the first night of the camera. I bought it at Costco...so Ninja is especially happy since he got a 40lb bag of goodies today too!

He got tired of being a super model and napped on the tactical vest...his favorite spot! :)

The boys paying more attention to video games than the photographer!

This reminds of the pictures that they take of the bride on her wedding day...Ninja is a little cat bride...see how creepy I am!

I just liked this picture because it seemed monochrome and mellow! I wanted to curl up and nap...but this photographer's got work to do, am I righ?!?!

OK, this photographer had less to do than she though so I got into bed for a nap and this guy followed shortly after that...how could I not snap a few pics!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

I took this one today...in case you can't tell his face is smashed against the screen door...either he has spring fever or he's trying to escape his stalker!

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